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meme time

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want, good or bad. When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you.

I prefer good memories to bad, but I'd rather have honest bad memories than made up memories. Please do comment, and if you post this in your journal I'll respond in kind. Thanks.


Jun. 11th, 2008 09:53 pm (UTC)
Re: Clutter
I remember that it happened when you were in elementary school. My memory is highly flawed when it comes to pinning down actual dates for anything, though. Perhaps that's why I enjoyed Wolfe's Soldier in the Mist so much, though its hero didn't remember anything at all that he didn't write down on his diary scroll.

I guess, then, what happened was that reports of your persecution stopped reaching me after that punch. I never heard about the later kicking incident.

Probably the reason you kept complaining about having to do the push-ups was that they were difficult for you. But even making an honest attempt and failing would build up your shoulders. I'd say you got more out of that admittedly brief judo class than was apparent at the time.
Jun. 11th, 2008 10:33 pm (UTC)
Re: Clutter
I never heard about the later kicking incident.

You simply don't remember it. You and Mom both sat with me in either the principal's or vice principal's (I don't remember which) office.

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