Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Yes, I love to read, but I'm starting to think it's a bit excessive that, not counting poetry collections or language learning material, I have eight books going at once: the Bible, a book in another language, a collection of essays, a biography, a book on music, a book on acting, and two novels in verse form. Maybe I should finish half of these before I start anything new.

Meanwhile, I am bemoaning my failure to mark my books when the moment seizes me. There were two moments in the Chaucer that really struck me last night, and today I couldn't find one of them. I'd better go mark the other, and I'd better go mark the two bits in Nabokov's introduction to his translation of Pushkin's Eugene Onegin that have made me pause.

On the flip side, as much as I love reading, I am terribly impatient with it. I want to soak it all up much faster, but I can't speed up without sacrificing comprehension or enjoyment of certain turns of phrase. Drudge on at my snail's pace I must.

I was recently told I should once again post a poll letting you choose my next book. With eight currently started and over a hundred waiting on my shelves, I'm not so sure that would be helpful right now. However, a self-serving variation crossed my mind. If you so desire, go to the listing of books in my library ( and choose a book. The book with the most votes will get strong consideration for "next book" once I've whittled my current reading to four. Alternately, go to my Amazon Wishlist ( and buy me a book from it (or a non-Wishlist book you think I'd enjoy, but the Wishlist automatically ships to the correct address), and I'll start reading it, setting aside my other books, as soon as it arrives. (Of course, I'm not expecting anything from this, but I'm curious to see what reactions, if any, to this are.)
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