Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Okay, this is getting annoying!

I just read a news story on BBC Online which reports that the US has seized a boat suspected of being an al-Qaeda drug trafficker in the Gulf.

Of course, it does not specify which gulf. Has the world's focus become so narrow that we've forgotten there are many, many gulfs in the world? Or that al-Qaeda's terrorist network has a global reach? Could this have been the Gulf of Mexico, where there has been so much drug-trafficking activity? (That was my first thought.) Could it be another lesser known gulf?

Fortunately, a map accompanied the article. The map pictures a small area of the middle east. The Gulf of Oman is clearly labelled on one side, and just to the west of it is "The Gulf." I kid you not! Fortunately, I remember that this body of water happens to be the Persian Gulf. Is this an official name change? Or an assumption by the BBC that we only think of one gulf?
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