Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Public Service Announcement

If you were planning on seeing The Day the Earth Stood Still and haven't yet, save your money. Don't go. It's abysmally bad. It doesn't even have the good sense to be so bad that it's entertaining. No, instead it keeps threatening to become something meaningful, so that when it ends you're left going, "Wha-What?!? That's it???" Correction: the movie doesn't really end; the credits simply start rolling. This movie had no redeeming features — well, except for Jennifer Connelly; she's always a redeeming feature — not even the special effects, which were gratuitous and anticlimactic. I admit that part of the reason I wanted to watch this movie was to see Giants Stadium get pulverized, but this was done with no more fanfare — less, perhaps — than when the protagonists pull into MickeyD's for a meal. When the film flashed a credit for "science adviser" at the end, a couple of women snickered and quoted one of the more ridiculous bits of techno-babble from the film. Pathetic. This one's a real dud, folks. Save yourself those couple of hours you'll never be able to get back and watch the original instead.
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