Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

My favorite meme

I haven't seen it on my flist yet, but this is my favorite meme and comes about every New Year's.

Construct a paragraph from the first post of each month of the previous year:

I have been thinking that a week and a half in the Northeast is simply not enough. Memo to #31 bus driver: When I ask if the Kilburn High Road train is the same train that goes to Kensal Rise, I don't mean, "Are they both London Overground trains?" I went to a movie tonight. With Clarke's passing two weeks ago, I decided to read one of his novels, as a mini-memorial of sorts. This book was recommended to me by chrishansenhome after he found it such a fascinating read. I am revising a paper I wrote last night in which we are asked to analyze our strengths and weaknesses as singer. Add another to the list. I think this may be the contract-employment version of Groundhog Day! Yes, my fairly new chef's knife is very sharp. Missa Solemnis is so much more enjoyable live in person. I suppose I can't really say that Saturday is the first time I've had guests over at the house. I suppose in a way I can thank cthulhia for this selection.

Hmmm… it's not always humorous, but that won't stop me!
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