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Three Saturdays

I had three Saturdays today.  The first started right after Friday rolled into Saturday.  Keya, Dan, and Jeff came over to play games.  We played Settlers of Catan but kept playing even after Jeff caught up to me and won narrowly.  We started being silly and introducing all sorts of twists to the game -- at one point we even incorporated parts of Risk into the Catan game.  Then we played a couple of games of Imaginiff, until we noticed that the sun had come up and I kicked them out of the house.

I went to bed at 5:50 a.m.  My second Saturday began three-and-a-half hours later, when I had to get up for my voice lesson.  I wish I had been able to sleep more.  I have had a great week of practice -- four days of nearly two hours each -- and learned Schumann's Liederkreis song cycle, but it's hard to sound like you've worked so hard when you've had so little sleep.  I came home from voice lesson and putzed around until I was able to get to sleep again.

Another three or four hours of sleep later, I woke up for my third and final Saturday of the day.  I showered, went to the supermarket and spent a small fortune on groceries, rented a couple of movies on DVD, and came home.  I ordered a small pizza, watched the Iron Chef's corn battle (which turned out to be a lopsided win for the Japanese Iron Chef), and then watched Drumline on DVD.

Now I'd better get to bed so I can be rested for tomorrow.  I am hosting a cookout and book club meeting in the evening.  Maybe we'll play games, too.

I have a habit of tapping out rhythms with my fingers.  Last night I kept tapping out the Twentieth Century Fox fanfare.  At one point I commented that it wasn't for several years, as a kid, before I stopped being disappointed everytime I went to the theater and they'd show a different movie after having shown the beginning of Star Wars.  Keya was the only one there who understood what I meant.


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Jun. 15th, 2003 01:16 pm (UTC)
The challenger didn't seem to get it. He fixed two ordinary corn dishes. He missed the essence of the challenge. The IC was in rare form, as he showed with his little dab of rice with a few corn kernels and with his final basket of goodies, both very subtle and sublime.

I had just fixed myself a bowl of popcorn, my meal of the evening, when they announced the ingredient of the evening. It dovetailed nicely.
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