Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

My first review!

In short, at least one critic loves me!

I went to see the show tonight on my off night. It was the first time I've been able to enjoy the show completely. When I watched the other cast's dress rehearsal and Act 2 of their opening night, I was still trying to nail down the part. I was watching the conductor, watching the other Blitch, listening closely to the music for cues. It was work. And, of course, when I'm singing, it's even more work. I commit so much physical, vocal, and emotional energy into the role that I can't really enjoy it until after my final exit, when I feel as if I've just run ten miles and the endorphins wash over me.

But tonight, I was able to enjoy it fully. The other cast put on a wonderful show. I teared up at the end of Act 1, some of the opera's most beautiful music. I chuckled with pleasure at some of the brilliant things my colleagues did. I practically jumped out of my seat with surprise at the gunshot I knew was coming. What a show! I wish all of you could see it.

David Karlin, who writes a blog on the website, saw the show last night. He gave it a very favorable review.
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