Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Book 14

  1. Grossmith, George & Weedon — The Diary of a Nobody (166 pages)
  2. McCarthy, Cormac — Blood Meridian (334 pages)
  3. Moore, Alan & Dave Gibbons — Watchmen (399 pages)
  4. Moore, Christopher — Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal (507 pages)
  5. Murger, Henri — The Bohemians of the Latin Quarter (381 pages)
  6. Walk with Me: A Lenten Journey of Prayer for 2009 (98 pages)
  7. Douglas, Lloyd C. — The Robe (438 pages)
  8. Robinson, Marilynne — Gilead (281 pages)
  9. Jerome, Jerome K. — Three Men in a Boat (182 pages)
  10. Satrapi, Marjane — Persepolis (343 pages)
  11. Dodge, Jim — Fup (121 pages)
  12. Bauby, Jean-Dominique — The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly (114 pages)
  13. Fleming, Ian — Casino Royale (219 pages)
  14. Blake, Quentin — Clown (30 pages)

Page count: 3613.

I ordered Quentin Blake's Clown using the giftcard I received for my birthday and had to wait three months for it to arrive. It was worth the wait.

This slim volume is worth ten times its weight in gold. Quentin Blake conveys so much through his illustrations that, really, words would have been superfluous. It's a wonderful story, and the little clown is so expressive. His sad face as he tries to tell others about his friends just breaks your heart. Yet he soldiers on, adversity after adversity. And at the end, a very happy ending, of course, I was all choked up and teary eyed and beaming.

Do yourself a favor: Find yourself a copy of Clown. And whenever you need a smile or a little pick-me-up, spend some time with this little clown. You'll be glad you did.

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