Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I wanted to post about tonight's La bohème performance, but clearly any entertainment-related posts tonight have to be about Michael Jackson.

As we drove away from the theatre, the Marcello received a text asking, "Is Michael Jackson DEAD?" As I waited at the kebab shop the fellow next to me said, "I just received a text saying Michael Jackson is dead." As I walked past the pub, they were playing "Billie Jean." A couple of blocks later, the fellow walking behind me talking on his mobile asked, "What? He's dead? Are you shitting me?"

Reports are, at the time of this posting, unconfirmed, but if it is true, and I feel it is, it is huge news, as the way the news spread shows. Despite the controversies, the freaky surgeries, the allegations of child abuse, everything else, Jackson was a genius. He was a good singer, a brilliant dancer, a visionary entertainer. He more than anyone else, even Madonna, set the tone for my generation. And I am saddened to hear of his passing.
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