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Book 25

  1. Grossmith, George & Weedon — The Diary of a Nobody (166 pages)
  2. McCarthy, Cormac — Blood Meridian (334 pages)
  3. Moore, Alan & Dave Gibbons — Watchmen (399 pages)
  4. Moore, Christopher — Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal (507 pages)
  5. Murger, Henri — The Bohemians of the Latin Quarter (381 pages)
  6. Walk with Me: A Lenten Journey of Prayer for 2009 (98 pages)
  7. Douglas, Lloyd C. — The Robe (438 pages)
  8. Robinson, Marilynne — Gilead (281 pages)
  9. Jerome, Jerome K. — Three Men in a Boat (182 pages)
  10. Satrapi, Marjane — Persepolis (343 pages)
  11. Dodge, Jim — Fup (121 pages)
  12. Bauby, Jean-Dominique — The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly (114 pages)
  13. Fleming, Ian — Casino Royale (219 pages)
  14. Blake, Quentin — Clown (30 pages)
  15. Weigel, George — The Courage To Be Catholic (249 pages)
  16. Ishiguro, Kazuo — The Remains of the Day (255 pages)
  17. Orwell, George — Animal Farm (125 pages)
  18. Garner, James Finn — Politically Correct Bedtime Stories (81 pages)
  19. Robinson, Marilynne — Home (339 pages)
  20. Opera Magazine — Basses in Opera: Profiles of thirteen great basses (96 pages)
  21. Beaumarchais, Pierre-Augustin Caron de — The Figaro Trilogy (David Coward, transl.) (335 pages)
  22. Keyes, Daniel — Flowers for Algernon (217 pages)
  23. Bök, Christian — Eunoia (94 pages)
  24. Zweig, Stefan — Chess (76 pages)
  25. Kinney, Jeff — Meet the Wimpy Kid (55 pages)

Page count: 5535.

Today I learned one of the advantages of working in the same building as Penguin Books: Book giveaways!

Unfortunately, it was nothing too exciting. I almost didn't take one. But who can resist a free book, even if it is a promotional ploy. (And it's a cheap, easy way to add to my book count!)

Meet the Wimpy Kid is a slim collection of excerpts from Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. The words "International Bestseller" are emblazoned across many of the book's surfaces, leaving me to wonder what Puffin's definition of "Bestseller" is. I'd certainly never heard of these books, and I'd be surprised if anyone on my list other than ayelle has, as they're fairly Brit-centric. And if they're bestsellers, why do they need to be promoted in this fashion?

The excerpts are amusing, but nothing more. A preteen mind might find the material compelling, as it deals with a kid's experiences in middle school. However, I can't really see its appeal extending much beyond this narrow audience, so I can't very well be induced to check the series out.

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