Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

A bit of irony

The garage where I park at work often has to have valet parking between certain hours in order to accomodate the high volume of cars. However, monthly-paid parkers like myself receive preferential treatment, as there is a block of spaces that they set aside for those of us that tend to show up late.

One of the parking attendants is particularly friendly. He always says hi. When I was on crutches in December, he always set aside a spot for me fairly close to the elevator.

I thought it was odd today when I saw him downstairs watching the gate rather than upstairs directing traffic. I thought it was even stranger when he got up as soon as he saw my car pull up. But I soon saw why, and we both grinned when I saw it. He has a brace on his leg. He slipped on some glare ice on Tuesday and hurt his knee. The irony did not escape him, and he wanted to show me.

I hope he gets better soon.
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