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Before the kitchen remodelling, I had a nice little painting of tinajas (large clay pots) and tambores (drums) with a Panamanian típico hat hanging on the little piece of wall right outside my bedroom door in the little hallway that connects the two bedrooms, the bathroom, and the kitchen. I thought it seemed the perfect piece for that wall.

During the renovation, however, a circuit breaker was placed on that wall, and my little painting was relocated to the den. The circuit breaker is an eyesore, and I would like to cover it up with something. So I took a look at some of the prints and posters I never got around to hanging in my room. I found one that I think will go nicely there and cover up the circuit breaker, but I have no way of hanging it right now.

The print is of Picasso's The Old Guitarist, which is quite possibly my favorite painting. It captures a certain melancholy spirit and wistful longing for music that resonates very strongly with me.

Picasso's The Old Guitarist

Naturally, that got me thinking about art. I don't think about art as often as I should or would like. It's been ages since I've been to an art museum or halfway decent gallery. But I love art -- paintings, sculpture, photography, etc. -- almost as much as I love literature and music, for they all try to express the inexpressible, to capture the sublime.

This isn't a deep, thought-provoking post. It isn't meant to be, and I'm not going to try to say anything meaningful about art. I'm simply reflecting on some of the art I love and why I love it. Following are a few more of my favorites.

The warmth of Van Gogh's café contrasted with such a beautiful deep blue has always appealed to me.

Van Gogh's Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum

Tanner's The Banjo Lesson moves me for many of the same reasons Picasso's Old Guitarist does, in addition to the loving tenderness and warmth of spirit expressed in the scene.

Tanner's The Banjo Lesson

I was going to list other favorites, but I am getting sleepy. These probably are my three favorite paintings anyway, which should tell you a little about me and what I look for in art, literature, and music.
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