Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Amsterdam photos (and video)

As promised, here are a half dozen photos (and half a half dozen videos) taken in Amsterdam when the Mad Fisher and I visited.

First, a typical view of Amsterdam:
canal in De Pijp district of Amsterdam
Yep, boats and bikes, that's what Amsterdam is all about!

Here is Yours Truly posing over a canal in the Jordaan, just down the street from the Anne Frank Huis:
Derek over canal in Jordaan district of Amsterdam
I really am ticked off that the black shirt looks so bad. The Mad Fisher insisted it didn't, but I think it's because she knew as well as I did that it wasn't quite warm enough to go without.

And here's another of me in the Jordaan:
Derek over canal in Jordaan district of Amsterdam
When the Mad Fisher is the one holding the camera, it's your eyes that suffer!

Finally, someone other than me… with me, of course:
Derek and the Mad Fisher over canal between Red Light District and Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam
I daresay, it's a lot easier to look at photos of me knowing that you can avert your eyes slightly and gaze upon her instead! This was taken on a bridge between the Red Light District (right next to the Oude Kerk) and Nieuwmarkt.

Finally, something nice to look at:
The Mad Fisher at Waag
And no, I don't mean the old man in the background! We are seated at the restaurant at the Waag, the historic old weigh station, awaiting our sumptuous dinner.

The Dutch are always ready with helpful advice, such as this tidbit on a lintel in the Leidseplein:
Homo sapiens non urinat in ventum
I think it translates, "Humans don't piss in the wind." This would have been especially helpful to know when I was on that windmill at Keukenhof earlier in the day!

And speaking of Keukenhof:

You'd think the she'd been reading Bradbury the way she wanted to get away from the "child catcher"!

And here's the calliope the Mad Fisher was complaining about:

Okay, maybe it's not really a calliope. I don't know, but close enough. I thought it was cool and festive. As you heard, the Mad Fisher thought it was freaky.

And finally, here is the Mad Fisher on the windmill:

As you can see, it's windy up there. I tried to catch both the speed of the blades going by behind her and the vibrant colors of the few tulips that were in bloom.

Hope you enjoy!
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