Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Grandmother Update

Those of you who read my dad's journal know that I almost had to make an unplanned trip to Panamá this week.

I just received a call from my sister, who just talked to my aunt in Panamá.  My grandmother is doing better.  She is out of the ICU.  She is no longer seeing deceased family members, she once again recognizes living friends and relatives, and, perhaps most importantly, after over two days of wakefulness she finally slept.  (The doctors did not want to give her a sedative because of her precarious mental condition.)  She still has bronchitis -- which may have been the root cause of the problem...her momentary episode of dementia seems to have been cause by a lack of oxygen to the brain -- but she is now expected to make a full recovery.

So, as much as I love Panamá, I hope not to have to make any trips down there until Christmas time (unless I decide to go back for the centennial celebrations in early November as well).

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