Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Well, my week just got a hell of a lot more expensive!

Just before my voice lesson tonight, I withdrew $100 from an ATM to supplement the $20-odd I already had in my billfold. I figured this would pay for my lesson and leave me enough for lunch Thursday and Friday and my coaching session on Saturday. It's a good thing I withdrew this money, even if it got spent a lot more quickly than I expected and on unplanned services.

I climbed into my car after my lesson, turned the ignition, and ... nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. The radio came on, the fan started blowing cold air, the dashboard lit up -- but the ignition made nary a sound. There was no sputtering of an engine trying to turn over, no click of the ignition trying to spark -- nothing.

My AAA membership only covers 3 miles of towing. "Plus" membership allows 100 miles of towing, but AAA won't let you upgrade to "Plus" on the same day you use it. I was in South Weymouth. I supposed I could have had my truck towed to someplace in South Weymouth, but where? No, I prefered to have it towed the 20.2 (according to MapQuest, but in fact it turned out to be 20.1) miles to the Ford dealership in Medford. At $3 per mile after the first 3 miles.

And while the car is at the dealer, I might as well get them to fix the damage (mostly body work) from the "minor" accident last May. Which means these repairs will cost at least $1300, plus whatever it costs to fix the problem with the ignition or alternator, plus the $51 for the tow, plus the rental car. For I do need a rental car. Some other week I might have sacrificed and taken the T to work. Not this week, not with a competition in a week and a half, with sessions scheduled downtown with my voice coach and in Brockton with my accompanist. No, I need to be able to travel freely and on my schedule. Ouch.

The cash I withdrew earlier tonight is almost completely gone. This is a very expensive week.
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