Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Book 6

  1. Portis, Charles — True Grit (215 pages)
  2. Simpson, Joe — Touching the Void (210 pages)
  3. Bardin, John Franklin — The Last of Philip Banter (207 pages)
  4. Millar, Martin — The Good Fairies of New York (278 pages)
  5. Millar, Mark — Kick-Ass (190 pages)
  6. Sachar, Louis — Holes (225 pages)

Page count: 1325.

I'm sure most of you have already read Holes. I certainly got that impression when the movie was coming out back in 2003. So, there's not much I can say about it you don't already know. I enjoyed Holes. It was an easy, entertaining read.

I enjoyed the movie as well. This goes to show what a difference having the novel's author write the screenplay adaptation makes. Well done, Disney!

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