Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,


My boss walked onto the floor. I needed a form signed, so I immediately paged him to come to the office.

Precisely at that moment, my office mate, Kathy, tried to access Craig's List. She had just learned of their website a short while before and wanted to check for apartment listings. She typed in "" just as my boss walked into our office.

Imagine her terror when, instead of apartment listings, she found herself staring at a porn site! And when she tried to close the browser, she was deluged with pop-up site after pop-up site featuring muscular men with python-like penises and smoothly oiled women with gargantuan, perky, enhanced breasts in all sorts of lurid poses. The pop-ups came so fast that Kathy couldn't keep up, and within seconds even her taskbar disappeared behind one or more of these sites. In her panic, she didn't think of killing the monitor and simply pressed the computer's power button as if her life depended on it.

Fortunately, my boss was completely oblivious. But Kathy's blood pressure must be through the roof right now. And she'll never forget to include that all-important "s" in the URL,
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