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I've been wanting to post stuff all week, but I have been swamped. Now I have a moment, though, so we'll see what I can get posted.


Pun of the (yester)day, in response to magid's reaction to the nuts I had eaten: Fast food scholarship; yes, MacAdamia.


Went to see a play at the Industrial Theater last night with magid, treacle_well, surrealestate, scholargipsy, and Mk. (Is he on LJ?) The play was aptly titled Tycho & Kepler and concerned itself with -- you guessed it -- the relationship between two great astronomers, Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler. I found the play interesting and (mostly) entertaining, but I left not knowing much more about these two giants than I did coming in. I was hoping the material would be more penetrating and explorative. Nonetheless, I enjoyed spending a portion of the evening with friends I don't get to see often enough.


I am performing in a singing competition tomorrow morning, the 2004 NATS Song Festival Song and Aria competition. This is what has been keeping me busy the past few weeks and what has forced me to limit my social engagements this week. My audition is at 11:30 a.m. Ick! I don't sound nearly as good in the morning as I do in the afternoon, even if I am well warmed up. I am thinking of waking up at 5 a.m. just to give my body the best chance of fully waking up by performance time.

There are three possible outcomes: (1) I don't make the grade, which has been the result in the past (although I only missed the finals by one point last year). (2) I participate in a run-off audition tomorrow afternoon/evening to break a tie and determine who the finalists are. (3) I get chosen as one of the three finalists. I think the second scenario is unlikely (so, yes, treacle_well, I can probably make it). There are only 16 singers in my division, so I like my chances. The finals on Sunday night are open to the public, so if I make the cut I am posting something in here. And, in that event, I expect a horde of groupies in the audience to cheer me along, so keep your schedules open.

Oh, and for those interested, I am singing Fauré's Au bord de l'eau; Schumann's Wenn ich in deine Augen seh, Ich will meine Seele tauchen, and Im Rhein, im heilige Strome; and Ives' Charlie Rutlage.


Poll #251828 Great Pianists

If you were throwing a dinner party and could invite one (and only one) of the following geniuses of improvisation at the piano, which would you invite?

Ludwig van Beethoven
Ferruccio Busoni
Frédéric Chopin
George Gershwin
Franz Liszt
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Oh, yeah, I've been given questions to answer by sonata960. Y'all know the rules: either ask me 5 questions or ask me to ask you 5 questions. I find it a lot easier to answer than ask -- it's easier to talk about what I know, me, than to come up with good questions for someone -- so the turnaround time on asking you questions may be a few days. Just ask danger_chick!

Anyhow, sonata960's questions:

1. What things (if any) do you actually *like* about Boston?

If I didn't like anything about Boston, I wouldn't live here! I love my friends, most of whom live in the greater Boston area. I like the proximity to both ocean and forested mountains (although the tallest mountains in the Northeast would barely qualify as foothills out west). I like the schools, for the most part. I really like the church I attend on Boylston Street. And there are certain days, usually in the spring or summer, but also in the fall and even, occasionally, in the winter, that remind me that it's great to be here and to be alive -- cloudless days where the sun is practically singing and the sky is a deep azure.

2. You're a groomsman for your ex-girlfriend's wedding - what are your thoughts about the place of marriage in our society? Do you imagine yourself getting married someday?

I hope to get married someday...when I am ready. By ready I mean in a good place career-wise and financially stable, mature and experienced enough to handle the responsibilities of marriage and child-rearing and to have satisfied most of my curiosities about the opposite sex (the ones that would be inappropriate to pursue within the context of marriage)...and, of course, when I have found the right person.

The place of marriage in our society? Marriage is a holy sacrament of the Church. So, for those who are part of the Church, it is a sacrosanct union between man and woman, where two halves become one whole.

But society has extended marriage beyond the bounds of the church. Despite an insistence on separation between church and state in our nation, the government at several levels extends some awfully nice perqs to married couples. The government, in my opinion, has no business legislating marriage. For those in the Church, marriage is what I described above; those with other beliefs will define marriage in their own way. But since government stubbornly insists on making marriage its business, then it becomes a matter of equal protection under the law. Government must remain secular and must assure that any rights extended to one group of people is extended equally to all groups. It really is mind-numbingly simple. And, if government is going to insist on the Judeo-Christian concept of marriage as a holy union between man and woman, then they need to go all the way and make divorce and adultery illegal. Yeah, try selling that! Society can't have its cake and eat it, too: either enforce equal rights or demand strict adherence to monogamous till-death-do-we-part holy matrimony. Only the most conservatively fundamentalist would choose the latter if those were the choices.

3. If you could trade places with a single person in the world for a week (your consciousness in their body), who would it be and why? (a stolen question but I like it)

I don't have any specific person in mind I would want to trade with. The first thought that popped into my mind was: a world-class athlete. I'd like to be able to experience what it's like to run that fast, jump that high, throw that far, etc. But right behind that thought was: a sexy woman. I've often wondered what it would be like to have firm perky breasts, an hourglass figure, and an extra orifice instead of that big lug hanging between my legs. However, I would need some sort of ironclad guarantee that the swap would be strictly temporary before I agreed to it. <grin>

4. If the world were to end, say, tomorrow, and you were given a chance to pick what goes into the small space capsule that will be shot out into space and be the final record of humankind, what would you choose (inanimate objects only)?

I'm assuming small means something along the lines of "the size of a small room." I would include a sampling of the world's great music on the most durable storage possible, as well as a means to play it back plus accompanying scores. The music would not only be classical, obviously, but would include samplings from as many genres as possible, including rock, jazz, and Afro-Cuban. I would include some representative art (paintings, sculpture, etc.) spanning many periods, protected from radiation as well as possible. I would include samples of great documents, including literature (all in the original languages -- Greek, Latin, English, French, Spanish ('cause you know Don Quixote makes the cut), German, Russian, etc.) and important tracts on history, philosophy, theology, and politics. I would include a symbolic summary of our knowledge of mathematics. I would include photographs of us and our world. I might even include some sample clothing and architectural blueprints. Obviously, this capsule would be very full.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

The best image would be in a mirror!

But seriously, I see myself having completed my Masters in Voice and trying to establish myself as a young voice professional.


Well, that's all I have time for right now, boys and girls. I have to go home to sing and then get to bed early. I'll post an announcement tomorrow evening if I make the finals, so be sure to check in. :)
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