Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

NATS Song Festival Results

I imagine several of you are eager to find out how I did tonight. I will provide a more detailed post at some point in the next day or two, but I won't make you wait that long to hear how I did.

But first, I wanted to thank those of you who came to hear me. It means a lot to me to know that I had friends in the audience. So, thank you to treacle_well and R, bitty and bubblebabble, hyounpark, Keya, Dan, JC, Tubby, and Scotty. (I hope I didn't forget anyone; if I did, my excuse is that it's late and I'm exhausted.)

Anyhow, I thought I sang fairly well, and I finished in third place (out of 4 finalists) in my division. Both singers who finished ahead of me were, I've been told, fantastic. Overall, I am pleased...with how I performed, with the opportunity to sing in the finals, and with that fatter-than-expected check I received for finishing third. :)
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