Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Book 13

  1. Portis, Charles — True Grit (215 pages)
  2. Simpson, Joe — Touching the Void (210 pages)
  3. Bardin, John Franklin — The Last of Philip Banter (207 pages)
  4. Millar, Martin — The Good Fairies of New York (278 pages)
  5. Millar, Mark — Kick-Ass (190 pages)
  6. Sachar, Louis — Holes (225 pages)
  7. Baxter, Stephen — Moonseed (523 pages)
  8. Buchan, John — The Thirty-Nine Steps (152 pages)
  9. Bukowski, Charles — Post Office (167 pages)
  10. Palahniuk, Chuck — Fight Club (211 pages)
  11. Bemelmans, Ludwig — Madeline's Rescue (50 pages)
  12. Rennison, Nick — Bloomsbury Good Reading Guide, Eighth Edition (508 pages)
  13. Rucka, Greg & Steve Lieber — Whiteout (120 pages)

Page count: 3056.

I could have sworn I'd already blogged about Whiteout, but I cannot find any reference to it in my journal.

What can I say? This was on sale at a really cool science fiction store in Bristol, and I knew there was a movie based on the comic, so I bought this and the companion volume. It's a pretty good whodunit with decent artwork and one particularly well-conceived character. However, in the end, it wasn't as satisfying as something by Millar or as thought-provoking as Moore.

As for the movie, as too often is the case, it doesn't do the novel justice. Don't bother with the movie. You'll get far more enjoyment out of the graphic novel.

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