Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Book 22

  1. Portis, Charles — True Grit (215 pages)
  2. Simpson, Joe — Touching the Void (210 pages)
  3. Bardin, John Franklin — The Last of Philip Banter (207 pages)
  4. Millar, Martin — The Good Fairies of New York (278 pages)
  5. Millar, Mark — Kick-Ass (190 pages)
  6. Sachar, Louis — Holes (225 pages)
  7. Baxter, Stephen — Moonseed (523 pages)
  8. Buchan, John — The Thirty-Nine Steps (152 pages)
  9. Bukowski, Charles — Post Office (167 pages)
  10. Palahniuk, Chuck — Fight Club (211 pages)
  11. Bemelmans, Ludwig — Madeline's Rescue (50 pages)
  12. Rennison, Nick — Bloomsbury Good Reading Guide, Eighth Edition (508 pages)
  13. Rucka, Greg & Steve Lieber — Whiteout (120 pages)
  14. Rucka, Greg & Steve Lieber — Whiteout: Melt (106 pages)
  15. Orwell, George — Homage to Catalonia (267 pages)
  16. Moore, Brian — Catholics (87 pages)
  17. Chatwin, Bruce — The Songlines (296 pages)
  18. Funke, Cornelia — Inkheart (555 pages)
  19. Eddison, E.R. — The Worm Ouroboros (521 pages)
  20. Milligan, Spike — Puckoon (152 pages)
  21. Jones, Diana Wynne — Power of Three (293 pages)
  22. Juster, Norton — The Phantom Tollbooth (264 pages)

Page count: 5597.

I was so enchanted by Inkheart that I wanted to keep reading more in the same vein. So, I started in on The Worm Ouroboros, mistakenly thinking it might be a magical story. I didn't get very far before I also started in on The Phantom Tollbooth in search of these magical qualities. Alas, I also didn't get very far before I started in on three other books.

It's not that The Phantom Tollbooth isn't magical; it's just that it's aimed at too low an age level for what I was in the mood for and therefore lacked sophistication and suspense.

The Phantom Tollbooth features the sort of delightful whim and inventiveness one might find in Lewis Carroll or L. Frank Baum but with too much of a Sesame Street you-are-learning-something-while-you-read-this-enjoyable-story quality to it. I think it would be great to read to young kids, especially those who think they're bored and that there's nothing to do, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for.

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