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The world shrinks a little bit more....

I was sitting in zzbottom's house yesterday, enjoying a game of Carcassone at his party, when in walked a familiar face. Only the familiar face was in an unfamiliar context. I sat there staring for a minute until he noticed me, and then he was equally puzzled. "I know you," he said. "Yeah," I responded, "but from a completely different group of friends."

wildraven -- for it turns out he also has an LJ username -- went to college with my high school friend Rob. I see Rob once or twice a year, when we travel to a football game together or he comes to Boston to watch BU hockey. That means that, once or twice a year, I attend a hockey game. I have only a minimal interest in hockey, but it's a chance to hang out with a good friend. Rob has a couple of college friends he joins at these hockey games, and wildraven is one of them. Thus, I also see wildraven once or twice a year, but always at a hockey game...

...until yesterday afternoon. And it felt very strange seeing an acquaintance from hockey games at a poly-amorous, queer-friendly, game-playing social event: I see the two worlds as so starkly different. But it seems this hockey-loving dude is a regular at these events and knows many of my friends. Hmmm, I wonder how many of my friends Rob knows through this connection. And while we're at it, I wonder how many of my friends Kevin Bacon knows....

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