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I thought I would post this rather than respond to the various well-meaning responses to my earlier post.

LinkedIn is a notorious spammer. Any useful networking services it may offer pale in comparison to the fact that it is perhaps the worst spam site out there. Or, as a certain blog comment says, no, they're really not such a useful site.

Yes, LinkedIn offers an opt-out link. However, you have to register in order to opt out. I don't want these purported "networking sites" to have my details. Facebook used to be one of the worst spammers out there, although they've received enough scrutiny lately that maybe they're cleaning up their act. LinkedIn certainly is now, and I resent that people give them my details and I certainly won't volunteer any of my info.

However, as bex77 points out in a comment, LinkedIn spams the mailing lists of people who sign up. I had no idea, and this bit of information has just greatly multiplied LinkedIn's ick factor, which was already pretty high. I may try to contact people whose accounts keep sending me invitations and reminders, in case they are not aware.

The fact that I have to go to such lengths to avoid getting repeatedly spammed is ludicrous. LinkedIn's attitude towards all this is reprehensible.


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Nov. 7th, 2011 10:40 pm (UTC)
I have to say, none of this resembles my experience. Granted, I HAVE an account but I just searched my gmail, and I've received exactly TWO unsolicited emails from Linked In in the past 30 days. One was an invitation to connect to a co-worker, sent by said co-worker, a person I actually WANT to professionally connect with. The other was a "some of your contacts have updated their information" email, which usually means those people got jobs - information I also WANT to know!
Beyond that, I get one email that is a weekly summary of the forum posts (which I requested, and could stop at any time).

I am never barraged by reminders or invitations. I have never received an invitation from someone that I did not know, or that came from someone that I thought might have sent it in error. I did not experience this even before I signed up for Linked In.

I'm not sure what "spam the mailing lists" of people who sign up means. It allows you to input your email address and password (which obviously isn't the best idea anyway) so you can IMPORT your contacts. Then, you can hit one button and spam them all. But that's entirely the fault of the user who hits "send an email." They do also suggest people to connect with when you login, which again makes it really easy for a user to inadvertently spam their friends.

I'm just sayin', from where I'm sitting, it's your friends who are spamming you via Linked In, and for all I know they are doing something else as well, but I've never experienced it. I don't see how the company can blacklist you from invites unless they have your information.
Nov. 7th, 2011 10:50 pm (UTC)
Well, like you said, you have an account, so your experience is bound to be different.

My first clue that bex77 might be right is that someone who I've had a nasty falling out with invited me to join her network. Why would she do that? And sure enough, when I sent an e-mail out to people tonight after writing this post, she and all but one of the others responded expressing surprise, claiming they never invited me. Maybe they simply weren't aware of what they were doing, but it's still pretty obnoxious of LinkedIn to send e-mails from member accounts without the average user being aware they are enabling this, and then to continue sending out weekly reminders until one either signs up or — well, there is no "or"!

At least here in the UK, Google turns up lots of results posted by people who are angry at LinkedIn about the spam e-mails that one can't stop without opening an account or that members often aren't aware they're sending.
Nov. 7th, 2011 11:08 pm (UTC)
How bizarre. I wonder if it's UK specific (like, the laws on spamming are different?). Boo, that sucks.

Unfortunately, I'm still going to need linked in for my career, so I can't really walk away from it. I AM going to start asking people about unsolicited emails, though.
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