Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I found out this afternoon that I have an audition for New England Conservatory's Spring 2004 Opera Workshop tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon. Ack!

The required repertoire for the audition is two arias. Number of arias I have polished and ready to sing? Zero. I started learning a new aria on Thursday. I can always put together Figaro's Non piu andrai fairly quickly, so that will be one of my arias. The problem with it is that it is the first aria I learned and one I have worked on several times, so it will be hard to resist certain learned bad habits. The brochure didn't say whether thw two arias had to be contrasting styles, but I decided to take the safe route and sing two contrasting arias. The easiest thing to sing would have been another Mozart aria, but two Mozart arias, even if one is in German and the other in Italian, don't make for mu contrast, so I had to shelve my Pagageno and Don Giovanni arias. The choice came down to Wolfram's O! du mein holder Abendstern from Tannhäuser or Sois immobile from Rossini's Guillaume Tell. Given the time constraints, I felt the latter would be easier to pull together.

Well, the notes are learned, the words are memorized, and the French is translated, but I don't have the level of confidence in my preparation that I like to bring into a performance or an audition. I don't own either of these arias yet, and they don't sit as comfortably in the voice as I would like. Rather than letting loose and singing, I'll be thinking about the words and my technique and my accompaniment and the dynamics, etc., etc, etc.

And to compound things, I -- shockingly -- don't have the music for Non piu andrai. I am having my voice teacher fax it to me, and I hope the accompanist can read from the fax. <sigh>

So, at about 5:45 p.m. on Tuesday, I want you all to send musical thoughts my way. I will need them!
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