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Book 27 (from 2011)

  1. Portis, Charles — True Grit (215 pages)
  2. Simpson, Joe — Touching the Void (210 pages)
  3. Bardin, John Franklin — The Last of Philip Banter (207 pages)
  4. Millar, Martin — The Good Fairies of New York (278 pages)
  5. Millar, Mark — Kick-Ass (190 pages)
  6. Sachar, Louis — Holes (225 pages)
  7. Baxter, Stephen — Moonseed (523 pages)
  8. Buchan, John — The Thirty-Nine Steps (152 pages)
  9. Bukowski, Charles — Post Office (167 pages)
  10. Palahniuk, Chuck — Fight Club (211 pages)
  11. Bemelmans, Ludwig — Madeline's Rescue (50 pages)
  12. Rennison, Nick — Bloomsbury Good Reading Guide, Eighth Edition (508 pages)
  13. Rucka, Greg & Steve Lieber — Whiteout (120 pages)
  14. Rucka, Greg & Steve Lieber — Whiteout: Melt (106 pages)
  15. Orwell, George — Homage to Catalonia (267 pages)
  16. Moore, Brian — Catholics (87 pages)
  17. Chatwin, Bruce — The Songlines (296 pages)
  18. Funke, Cornelia — Inkheart (555 pages)
  19. Eddison, E.R. — The Worm Ouroboros (521 pages)
  20. Milligan, Spike — Puckoon (152 pages)
  21. Jones, Diana Wynne — Power of Three (293 pages)
  22. Juster, Norton — The Phantom Tollbooth (264 pages)
  23. Jeffreys, Daniel — America's Back Porch (286 pages)
  24. Robinson, Marilynne — Housekeeping (217 pages)
  25. Stevenson, Robert Louis — Treasure Island (212 pages)
  26. Bissinger, Buzz — 3 Nights in August (296 pages)
  27. Rennison, Nick & Ed Wood — 100 Must-Read American Novels (185 pages)

Page count: 6793.

I should be posting my 2012 books, but I still have a backlog of 10 books (including this one) from 2011. Apologies for being so behind, but I do find these posts rather useful for my own purposes so I won't simply abandon the unfinished ones.

I guess by now it's pretty evident I like this 100 Must-Read… series. As I think I've mentioned before, I quite like thinking about books as much as or perhaps even more than reading them, so I'm predisposed to liking books about books. But I particularly like the format of these 100 Must-Read… books: an introductory essay on the genre or theme, 100 blurbs about 100 authors focusing on one representative work each with suggestions for further reading, and a sprinkling of lists on a theme throughout.

I've accused previous volumes, fairly or unfairly, of being somewhat Brit-centric, but obviously I can't make that accusation here. I know a lot of the material discussed here, but also picked up some interesting recommendations. And with the help of this book and the others I have been padding up my library such that I now have probably a decade's worth of reading to keep me pleasurably occupied.

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