Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I must be doing something right....

Thank you to those who sent musical thoughts my way this afternoon. It must have worked.

I walked into the audition feeling very underprepared, and I made no secret of the fact. I looked sharp: had trimmed my beard and was wearing a blood red long-sleeve shirt, black jeans, my black leather jacket, and a black and dark gray tie. I walked with confidence and spoke with confidence, looking straight into Mr. Wyneken's eyes as I greeted him with a firm handshake. But when he asked what I wanted to start with, I said, "I don't know. I guess we should start with the Sois immobile, since I only learned that this weekend." "You learned it this weekend? Do you feel comfortable with it?" "Not at all, but you guys wanted two arias." I proceeded to explain how I had been working exclusively on songs lately and hadn't worked on an aria in perhaps two years.

He decided we should start with the Non piu andrai, since I said I was a bit more comfortable with that aria. This, as you probably know, is contrary to my life's philosophy of "save the best for last," but, oh well....

After I sang Non piu andrai, Mr. Wyneken commented that "that was very good, especially considering you don't feel very comfortable with it." Then we began Sois immobile. We got halfway through when he interrupted me: "I don't need to hear anymore. You're definitely getting in our program." Um, okay. I expected he would have to check with the other program co-director or something, but I guess not.

I never expected I would get into a program at New England Conservatory so easily. Gee, I wonder if I'll have the same sort of success at my Cincinnati audition in a couple of weeks. I can only hope, but admission to Cincinnati is extremely competitive, so I'll do my best but not raise my hopes too high.
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