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Book 14

  1. Amis, Martin — London Fields (471 pages)
  2. Morpurgo, Michael — War Horse (182 pages)
  3. Winterson, Jeanette — Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit (177 pages)
  4. Robinson, Bruce — Paranoia in the Launderette (43 pages)
  5. Carter, Angela — Heroes and Villains (152 pages)
  6. Burroughs, Edgar Rice — A Princess of Mars (209 pages)
  7. Hill, Susan — The Woman in Black (152 pages)
  8. Fowler, Karen Joy — Sarah Canary (293 pages)
  9. Rennison, Nick — 100 Must-Read Prize Winning Novels (174 pages)
  10. Beresford, David — Ten Men Dead (426 pages)
  11. Freedland, Jonathan — Bring Home the Revolution: The Case for a British Republic (245 pages)
  12. Kierkegaard, Søren — Fear and Trembling (150 pages)
  13. Nothomb, Amélie — Fear and Trembling (132 pages)
  14. Delany, Samuel R. — Babel-17 (194 pages)
Page count

I haven't posted a book review since April or finished a book since July. I think it's time I got back on that horse. As I'm likely to finish several books this week, maybe I will also post several reviews. However, by necessity (since the books are not fresh in my mind), these reviews will be short.

I had been eager to read Delany — and Babel-17 in particular — for quite some time, and he did not let me down. I particularly found the linguistics discussions, dated as they may be, fascinating. It appealed to me both as an amateur linguist and as a programmer. Delany's decision to base a plot around deciphering an alien language and what the language reveals about its users was brilliantly executed. The rest of the novel, particularly the various characters, was brimming with imaginative invention. I enjoyed Delany's ideas regarding the role of discorporate beings and body modification in future space travel and some of the unorthodox literary techniques he employed. I'm sorry I have nothing more insightful to add but to say that this novel is a winner.

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