Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Things are starting to come together for Wednesday's audition for Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. I spent much of last week battling a cold, looking for an accompanist, practicing music through gunk in my head, and trying to contact a friend so I can crash at his place on Tuesday night.

After calling a gazillion accompanists in New York, I finally found someone on Saturday who said she's available to play. And, almost as importantly, she's able to meet me earlier in the day to rehearse some of the music. I will meet Ms. Hastings -- she insists I call her Liz -- at her studio on 93rd St. at 11:30 a.m., and then my audition will be at 3:15 p.m. at the Nola Sound Studios on West 54th St.

And I finally heard back from my friend Tommy yesterday afternoon. He had been out snowboarding last week, which is why he hadn't returned my calls. He says I am welcome to crash at his place, so I will drive down to Brooklyn on Tuesday evening after work. Then on Wednesday I'll take the subway into Manhattan and not have to worry about trying to park or drive downtown.

I still have a the lingering remnants of last week's cold. The congestion is only sporadic now -- the Afrin takes care of that -- and the dryness which is a side effect of the Afrin is under control -- I bought a steam inhaler to help with that -- but I have a lot of post-nasal drip going on right now which is irritating the hell out of my vocal folds and making my speaking voice sound a bit hoarse. My allergist suggested I try increasing the Afrin from twice a day to thrice a day, so hopefully that will dry up the drip.

I should be able to sing even if this gunk doesn't go away. There were some nights last week I couldn't make it through my repertoire, as trying to sing through all of it was wearing me down. No doubt I was overcompensating for the cold and pushing the voice, something I have to be very careful not to do. The last two days I have felt okay once warmed up, but I am not a good judge of how I sound. I may be able to sing the repertoire effectively, but I want to be at my best on Wednesday, not merely effective or capable.

Today I pick up the suit pants from The Men's Wearhouse. They had cuffed the pants' bottoms, and I prefer a normal finish. I also had them lengthen the inseam a little. They'd better do a good job, since I won't have time for them to do a third set of alterations before the audition.

I spent the weekend working on my application. The only thing left for me to do is retake the GRE (my results are 7 years old and, thus, no longer on file) and write a 500-word personal statement. The most difficult part about that statement will be limiting myself to 500 words. As y'all know from my posts, brevity and conciseness are not my strong suits!

Be sure to think musical thoughts for me Wednesday afternoon!
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