Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Well, I'm back.

I don't think I sang well at all. I still have a cold, and it's sitting in the two places I can least afford: my nose and my throat. It didn't help that, because of last night's commute, I only got 4 hours of sleep before my audition. I actually felt decent during my warm-up. And I looked sharp! (If I were a straight woman or a gay man, I'd want to jump me, looking all spiffy in my new suit and cool new 'do. My accompanist commented when she saw me at the audition, a few hours after I had first met her for practice, that I "clean up nicely.") But I didn't have a lot in the tank. I believe it was Leontyne Price who said to sing on the interest and never touch the principal; alas, I overdrew the account! I couldn't get my head tones open and supported, so they weren't very resonant and were probably flat. (Thank you, head cold!) And my cords were extremely dry from the medication, the cold, and being forced to breath through my mouth last night because of congestion, so I was having difficulty phonating well; there was some detectable fry in the lower registers and I was no doubt pressing, subconsciously trying to overcompensate. On top of all that, I had no stamina. They only asked for two of my six prepared songs. A healthy me can make it through my six songs a few times over. I barely had enough today to make it through my two. (Granted, I chose "Non più andrai" and "Charlie Rutlage," probably the two most taxing out of the six.) I talked to the admissions guy about my situation. He told me to send him a letter, and if I'm on the bubble they may ask to hear me again. Certainly, today's performance wouldn't get me into a program like Cincinnati's.

The drive was harrowing in both directions. Conditions were blizzard-like at times on the way down. The news said visibility would be a quarter mile, but at times it wasn't much more than a car length. There were times when 25 mph was recklessly speeding! And, as luck would have it, I ran out of windshield wiper fluid as I arrived in New York, so all the sand and salt from the road accumulated on my windshield. At 2:30-3:00 in the morning (that's how long it took! It was 3 hours to Providence alone!), not too many places are open that sell wiper fluid. So, I would have to drive slowly enough that someone would pass me and then speed up to catch as much of the snow and ice spray as possible to clean my windshield. I became especially fond of trucks and vans, which, if going fast enough, would drench my truck.

Speaking of trucks, I just cannot figure those semis out. When the roads were clear and well shoveled, they drove significantly under the speed limit. Yet when the roads looked lke they hadn't seen a snow plow in hours, with a treacherous layer of snow on them, these trucks blew by me going at least twice my speed. <sigh>

The drive back wasn't as bad. The snow was, for the most part, light enough that visibility wasn't an issue. Most of the roads were adequately shoveled, especially near Hartford and on the Pike. However, some of the more remote stretches were pretty icy. I nearly bought it twice, once on the way down and once on the way back. Each time I fishtailed pretty badly and thought for sure I would spin out, and each time there was a white van in the lane next to me. Yet miraculously, each time I quickly regained control. I've fishtailed in snow badly enough before that I've spun several times and clear off the road, fortunately when there weren't other drivers near me, and these two fishtails felt like the one that caused that spin out. Next car I buy will definitely be front-wheel or all-wheel drive, especially if I buy another pick-up. (Rear-wheel drive simply does not work when all the weight of the vehicle is in the front!)

I am exhausted and want to sleep, but I have sugar and caffeine coursing through my veins. I was feeling drowsy before I left Boston on the way down and the Bronx on the way back, so I knew that the only way I'd make it was to much on non-Atkins snacks and drink caffeinated sodas (along with the 2-3 times I stopped to shut my eyes for 15 minutes). Oh well, there's no point in staying in ketosis if I fall asleep at the wheel and die.

I'll let y'all know when I hear back from CCM what the verdict is, but right now I would expect that I am stuck in Boston for at least another year.
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