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Book 6

  1. Stone, Irving — The Agony and the Ecstasy (439 of 763 pages)
  2. Morpurgo, Michael — The Mozart Question (68 pages)
  3. Unsworth, Barry — Stone Virgin (312 pages)
  4. Phillips, Caryl — The Nature of Blood (212 pages)
  5. Howard, Robert E. — The Conan Chronicles, Volume 1: The People of the Black Circle (549 pages)
  6. Lockwood, Richard & Steve Potz-Rayner — A Little Book of Lies (170 pages)
Page count
book cover: A Little Book of Lies.

I'm not lying when I state that I did not want to read A Little Book of Lies. It was foisted on me by a friend, whom I often loan books, who insisted I must read this and let her know what I think of it. Well, I won't lie to her: it sucks! (And that, folks, is my highfalutin literary analysis!)

I can't imagine why anyone would want to read 170 pages of, yes, lies. That's all it is: one big, long list of statements which are false. (Well, I think arguably one of their lies was actualy true, but I'm quibbling.) I think the authors were trying to be funny (and mostly missed the mark). Sometimes I think they were trying to be mocking. I can't quite figure how much of the time they were trying to be clever versus absurdist (or both/neither?).

I can't believe I actually read the whole thing. I should have stopped after the first page, but I admit that I was predisposed to disliking this book and so probably ploughed on out of a combination of a desire to keep an open mind and sheer, perverse stubborness. And I do admit that I found a small handful of the lies amusing, and one or two even made me chuckle. For the most part, though, this book was shite, which is why it is so appropriate I read most of it in the toilet.

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