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Book 9

  1. Stone, Irving — The Agony and the Ecstasy (439 of 763 pages)
  2. Morpurgo, Michael — The Mozart Question (68 pages)
  3. Unsworth, Barry — Stone Virgin (312 pages)
  4. Phillips, Caryl — The Nature of Blood (212 pages)
  5. Howard, Robert E. — The Conan Chronicles, Volume 1: The People of the Black Circle (549 pages)
  6. Lockwood, Richard & Steve Potz-Rayner — A Little Book of Lies (170 pages)
  7. Vickers, Hugh — Great Operatic Disasters (65 pages)
  8. Howard, Robert E. — The Conan Chronicles, Volume 2: The Hour of the Dragon (574 pages)
  9. Rennison, Nick — 100 Must-Read Classic Novels (164 pages)
Page count
book cover: 100 Must-Read Classic Novels.

Yes, I've read yet another book in the 100 Must Read… series. I've said it before: I love reading about books, and I have particularly enjoyed this series.

That said, this may be the last book in the series I read for a while. The book on graphic novels hasn't been available on Amazon for a while, and I'm in no great hurry to read about crime novels, historical novels, or life-changing books, the only other remaining titles. Unless the former unexpectedly becomes available or I suddenly want to explore the other genres (life-changing books?), this may be it for a while. And that may be a good thing: My personal library has bloated to over 1100 titles thanks in no small part to recommendations from these books.

100 Must-Read Classic Novels maintains the same excellent standard Rennison and his colleagues established in the other 100 Must Read… titles. I very much enjoyed reading the introductory material and the blurb for each novel. There were no real "a-ha" moments, as I had heard of all but maybe a half dozen of the authors discussed, but reading this has rekindled my interest in the older books in my collection and wishlist.

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