Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I'm in two opera scenes for my opera workshop. I am John in the Act I trio from Menotti's The Consul and Giovanni in the Act II duet and trio from Mozart's Don Giovanni. Yesterday we rehearsed the Consul scene for an hour before working on Giovanni for an hour.

I tell you, the Mozart feels like a vacation compared to the Menotti. It's not that the Menotti is really that particularly difficult; it's just that we're not accustomed to that idiom. I've sung more Mozart than any other opera music, and the style sits in my voice very well. I did sing the part of Ben in Menotti's The Telephone many moons ago in college, but the style still seems foreign. When you're used to singing thirds, fourths, and fifths, singing sevenths, ninths, and tritones are a bit of a jolt. With practice, though, the Menotti will come together, and it really is a beautiful trio.

BTW, consider this an early notice. Performances are on May 18 and 19, so mark your calendars now. Featured will be my two scenes and scenes from The Marriage of Figaro, Rosenkavalier, and Albert Herring.
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