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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Ugly

We all know what that is: today's dreary weather.

The Bad

Drizzle limits my visibility far more than heavier rain, because the drops of rain tend to build a layer on the glass that the windshield wipers just smear instead of remove and the rainfall isn't heavy enough to wash anything away. I have no wipers or defroster on my rear window, so I often have to drive in the rain with my rear window (and possibly a side window) open.

I got to rehearsal early and waited for a metered spot to become available. Miraculously, one opened up after only a few minutes...on the other side of the street. When the car cleared out, I did a three-point turn to take the spot. In the process of backing up, unable to see well in the rainy dark, I touched a car. After I parked I inspected the damage. I had put a nice crease in that car's front fender. Crap. No problem, though. Nobody saw me. I could walk away and no one would know. Fuck! Okay, at least one person would know. I left my business card under the windshield wiper...but I hope they never call.

Then I noticed that I didn't have my car keys on me. They were still inside my locked car. I hadn't done that in about 9-10 years. No problem, I could call AAA after my rehearsal.

When I called AAA, they informed me that my membership expired two weeks ago. Sheesh!

The Good

I finally nailed my part in the scene from The Consul. There were a couple of parts, in the recitative and in the trio, that were killing me and the other baritone. He said to me after I sang it, "Well, one of us finally got that right!" They are killer phrases because they are long, sustained high notes followed by movement before one takes a breath and immediately sings the same high sustained note. It felt good to nail the part, of course, but I also felt exhausted.

And I am kicking ass on the Don Giovanni scene.

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