Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,


First, it's not supposed to be snowing in April, dammit! I don't care if it's just's snow!!!

Second, standardized testing is not an accurate reflection of abilities. In practice test I got almost everything correct. In the real thing, I pretty much aced the verbal; however, I got hung up on two questions in the quantitative section. Unlike the paper test, I can't skip over questions and come back to them. And I am too stubborn to skip over a question and take the miss. I sat there and worked out those two questions until I had the correct ansswers. Thus, I ran out of time after only finishing about half of the math questions and scored a pathetic mid-400-something. If I don't get into Cincinnati this time around, when I re-apply in the fall I will re-take the GREs so that they accurately reflect my abilities.
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