Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I decided, when I forgot to specify "no rice" at Ajanta, that I would take the evening off from Atkins. So, when I stopped at the convenience store to buy an emergency ration of t.p. on my way home, I bought one of those half-pints of Ben & Jerry's and some Cadbury eggs. I (and anyone in close proximity at inopportune moments) am paying for my indiscretion today.


I am looking to buy a new car. Once I narrow the choices down to cars I can afford, I am left with the following: {}.

Let's hope my truck holds out another 10 years!


If you cannot afford to waste any time, do not, under any circumstances, check out the "Dynomite" game found under Action Puzzles at


At the beginning of the Easter Vigil service Saturday night, one of the seminarians very carefully explained that the candles, which were to be lit twice during the service, should be held as upright as possible so as not to drip wax all over the pews. After the service, my friend John and I noticed wax all over the back of our pew, from the candle holders behind us. When I got home, I noticed dripped wax all over my expensive, supple, "Couturé by J. Park" black leather jacket. Anyone know how to get wax off of leather...without ruining the leather?


If you could choose to dance like Gene Kelly or like Fred Astaire, who would you choose? I'm not sure I could. They were both so wondrously talented!
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