Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Testing the ankle

Today I played my first basketball since I tore my right ankle's ligaments going for a rebound in December. (Well, I shot around a little after volleyball last week, but it wasn't a real game, as I wasn't dribbling, planting or pivoting, playing defense, etc. -- all things I did do today.) I've been playing football and volleyball since the injury, without my brace even. But those sports don't test my ankle's stability. Volleyball has a lot of jumping up and bringing my full weight down on my legs, but I never really lost up-and-down stability in my ankle. (I wish I knew more precise terms to describe this.) And football involves some pounding as I lumber down the field, or some planting as I set a block or get set to throw the ball, but no twisting.

I've been nervous about playing basketball, so I had to get over this hurdle. No sport will test ankle stability like basketball!

Well, I got through with flying colors. I mean, my game sucks -- I can't hit even a lay-up to save my life -- but the ankle survived. There was one scary moment. One of the opponents stepped on or bumped my ankle from behind and I felt a twinge. Fortunately, though, I'd had the foresight to wear my brace, so I couldn't roll my ankle and was fine. And I actually played pretty well, seeing how it's been a few months. I was passing the ball extremely well and playing good defense. I had a couple of blocks -- not in-your-face blocks, but enough to change the direction of the play. I had trouble holding on to passes or rebounds, but I was at least getting into position to get passes or rebounds. And as bad as my shooting was, I did hit the game winner in our last game.

I might be a little sore tomorrow, but I feel great that I got a good workout and that my ankle held up.
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