Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Marathon Day

I had a list of things I wanted to do today. In order of priority, they were:

(1) Sleep in;
(2) Get my suit pants pressed at The Men's Wearhouse;
(3) Buy new shoes with gift certificates at Kenneth Cole;
(4) Rehearse with accompanist one final time before tomorrow's mini-recital;
(5) Buy new shirts and maybe pants;
(6) Get my black dress shirt cleaned;
(7) Do some outdoor activity;
(8) Watch and delete at least one movie from the Tivo.

So, how did I fare?


I did manage to sleep in this morning, until just about noon or so. However, I hadn't been able to get to sleep until about 3:30 a.m., and I woke up several times throughout the morning, so I wasn't able to replenish my sleep reserves as I had hoped. When I finally did get out of bed, I fixed myself some breakfast and started watching Kiss Me, Kate while I ate. I did not, however, want to spend all day cooped up inside, so I only watched the first 30-40 minutes.

I wanted to avoid downtown Boston because of the marathon. I was hoping perhaps to go to Burlington Mall to shop. I looked up the local Kenneth Cole stores online and, alas, there are only three locations in Boston, all along the marathon route. So off to Copley Plaza I went, into the heart of the marathon crowd. If sitting in a car with the windows rolled down while I'm stuck in traffic counts as an outdoor activity, I can scratch something else off the to-do list!

Needless to say, the usual 15 minute commute took about an hour and involved a few detours. And to make matters worse, I realized, as I got close to Copley's parking garage, that I had forgotten my suit pants at home, necessitating another shopping trip that evening. I went directly to the Kenneth Cole store and tried on several pairs of shoes. It came down to the ultra-light and comfortable shoes (they were all comfortable, but these made me feel like I was walking on air) or the dressier shoes with stiffer, shinier leather. If I were rich I'd buy them both; since I'll probably only wear these when I wear my suit, I opted for the dressier pair.

Next I was going to go to the Saks Fifth Avenue to find some nice shirts, but I twice got detoured along the way. I stopped at the watch shop. My Bulova's been bent out of shape for a while and its battery seems to die every couple of months, so I haven't been wearing a watch. I think a watch is an important accessory for a man, though. The only watches that appealed to me at all in this watch shop were the Kenneth Cole watches, which all seemed to be reasonably priced at $125. I decided to look elsewhere first, though, before I bought the one I thought looked best. Saks had a crappy selection, so I decided to check out the choices at the Alpha Omega. "How much is that one?" I asked the man behind the counter. "The one with the diamonds?" he countered. "Diamonds? Never mind, that surely puts it out of my price range!" He told me the price anyway: $6200. And that seemed about par for the course for watches in that store. I went back to the original store and bought my $125 watch. (I'm not convinced yet that I want to keep it, so I want to get some of your opinions on whether it looks nice and stylish or too squarish or big. I have 30 days to return it.)

Swarovski's Mother Penuin with BabyBefore I made it to Saks, I got sidetracked again. I saw the Swarovski store and remembered that it was probably the only one in Boston. I wanted to see what some of the items I had seen on the web really looked like. I had been doing web searches for crystal penguins so I could get a little wedding gift for Keya (and Dan, I suppose, but Keya's the one with the penguin infatuation). But the penguins I found online looked cheap and overpriced. Well, in person they are gorgeous! Alas, if I were rich I'd buy her (them) the "Mother Penguin with Baby," but I can't afford to buy a friend a $280 gift. <sigh> Instead I settled for the Baby Penguins:
Swarovski's Baby Penguins

By the time I made it to Saks, I had no time to shop for shirts, as I had to meet with my accompanist at 6 p.m. I quickly checked their meager watch display, made my quick detour to Alpha Omega, and then returned to the original watch shop to buy my watch and then leave for work, where I was meeting Jenny.

Traffic leaving Copley was worse than when I got there, and I didn't get to the Medical Center until about 6:30. As luck would have it, the security guard on duty was one of only 2 on campus who ever ask for IDs, and I didn't have my ID on me because it was confiscated on Thursday morning when I refused to show it to the only other officer who asks for IDs. (I have issues with inconsistent and arbitrary exercise of authority, and I have no problem being an ass -- and accepting the consequences -- in order to make my point.) So, anyhow, I got held up with this security guard for another 15 minutes while she checked out my story about the confiscated ID. I found the whole situation rather amusing, but by the time I got to the room where I was meeting Jenny, she had left. I went down to my office and sent her an apologetic e-mail and asked her to call me when she had a chance.

I went home to grab my suit pants to take to The Men's Wearhouse at Cambridgeside Galleria. I got slightly sidetracked by my laptop, though. I saw scholargipsy's journal invitation to play Catan and decided to take him up on it. I told him I'd be at his place around 9 p.m. I figured I could take my pants in, shop for shirts for about 20 minutes, grab some take-out, and be at his place by 9 or even a little before. As I headed out the door, though, I got a call from Jenny. She got my message and wanted to meet to rehearse some of the songs. Talk about throwing another wrench into my plans! This meant that, in order to make it to Chromatopia in time for games, I'd have to completely forego the shirt shopping and perhaps even the take-out.

Even skipping the shirt shopping, I was off by almost an hour. I didn't get through rehearsing tomorrow's repertoire until almost 10. On the bright side, though, I convinced Jenny to play something she hadn't looked at. She has been working hard on "Non piu andrai" and "Charlie Rutlage," a very difficult piano piece, but ignored the very easy to play "Bright is the Ring of Words." Tonight I insisted she at least take a look at it. Result: she sight reads it as well as (i.e., no worse than) she plays the other harder pieces, so I convinced her that we should perform it. That means our audience will have two songs in English, which I think is important in order to hold their interest.

Games were called off because of the late hour, so I decided to get some take-out anyway on the way home. I stopped at Rose's Chinese Restaurant a few blocks away from home. I was chatting with bitty on my cellphone as the lady behind the counter struggled to swipe my debit card, and I heard a sexy voice behind me ask, "Are you having liquidation problems?" I turned and beheld a stunning young lady. "Because if you are, I can help you out." I thought she was going to tell me about some system she uses for financial success, so I pressed for more information. "No, I was just going to offer to pay." Oh. "No, no, if she can't get that one to work, I've got plenty of plastic." "Well, in that case, maybe you should pay for me." I laughed and said, "I don't even know you," and then, extending my hand, "I'm Derek. What's your name?" "Emily." "Emily?" "Yes, Emily." I'm going to assume most of you know my history with Emilies; I don't know if bitty had overheard any part of this exchange, but I knew she'd understand: "Bitty, I'm going to have to call you back." I'm not sure anything else short of tearing her clothes off and smothering me in a passionate embrace would have gotten my immediate, undivided attention. Within a minute I learned what she does, got her phone number, and agreed to meet her in the next couple of weeks for dinner.

I finally got home, stuck my dress shirt in the wash (I had wanted to get it dry cleaned, but delicate cycle and line dry will have to do), and ate my dinner, but not before sharing my Emily story with bitty and Tubby. And I did get to finish watching Kiss Me, Kate and then delete it from the Tivo. So the only thing on the list I didn't accomplish was the shirt's just that nothing went as I had envisioned.
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