Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Weddings are a bitch to plan...

...and it's not even my wedding!

I am singing Mahler's Ich atmet einen linden Duft at Dan and Keya's reception Saturday. There is no one at the wedding who can accompany me, though. I agreed to get the accompaniment transferred to CD so the DJ could play it. Less than ideal, but doable.

My coach recorded the accompaniment on tape on Saturday. Last night my voice teacher, who has a CD recorder, transferred the accompaniment from tape to CD...or so we thought. I popped the disc into my truck's CD player and heard...choral symphonic music? It seems we were recording from the radio. So now I have to figure out when and how to get this music on CD, with opera workshop until 9 tonight and my flight for Maryland tomorrow evening.

The tux rental wasn't straightforward either. When I showed up at After Hours last night, they informed me that the style of vest we requested (the Tommy Hilfigger) wouldn't be available in Massachusetts for another two weeks. JC got to the store about three hours before me, though, and straightened things out. We've arranged for Dan to pick up the vests in Maryland. For some reason, though, JC insisted in taking the cheap (and I do mean cheap, as in poor quality) tie with him last night, which confused me. Were we using the ugly-ass cheapo ties, or the nice Hilfigger ties that come with the vests? I had to bother Dan yet again -- as if he doesn't have enough on his plate as is -- to sort things out. We determined that JC is just weird, which we all knew, and that we will be wearing the nice Hilfigger ties.

Boy, if weddings are this much of a hassle for groomsmen, I am in no hurry to become a groom! Poor Dan might not survive the weekend. He and Keya will need those two weeks in Fiji to recover!
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