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For the last couple of weeks I've had adware installed on my desktop at work (running Win98) that causes about 3-4 pop-up ads per day. (I was infected when following a link after a Google search.) It's annoying as hell, and neither Ad-Aware nor Spybot seem to be able to find it. I don't know enough about how the Windows Registry works to go snooping around in there myself to try to root out these annoying programs. Do any of you know a more effective program for removing these pests?


For the last few days I've been meaning to write a comprehensive post on my particular brand of religion. I seem to send out a lot of confusing and contradictory messages and get asked a lot of questions about my views. I wish to clarify what it is I believe and how that is completely in harmony with Catholicism and also wish to clarify where my thoughts, words, and deeds are not part of my faith but merely examples of me being a poor example or poor disciple of my faith. However, I don't want simply to zip something out -- y'all get enough unsatisfactory answers to your questions as it is -- but really want to spend the time to carefully consider and expostulate my position...and to figure out which filter is the most appropriate for this post.


I've had three vivid dreams recently that are still lingering in my memory:

Dream 1: I'm in a building that is fairly open and has no cellar. Tornadoes are coming. I rush to the lowest point I can find in the building, down some stairs, huddled next to a wall, under some sort of ceiling, but at least one unprotected opening to the outside. Several tornadoes pass nearby or overhead, some larger and more frightening than others (none of those half-mile wide beasts, though). One of them almost succeeds in ripping me out of my shelter, but I weather the storm.

Dream 2: I receive notice from Cincinnati that I've been accepted. It takes a moment for the news to sink in, but then I am flooded with feeling of joy and elation. I tell Tubby. I write an LJ entry that simply states, in big bold letters, "Cincinnati, here I come!" (Or something like that...I don't remember the exact wording.) And I gleefully give notice at work.

Dream 3: I'm at a gathering (a party, maybe?) with a few of my friends. I ask slinkr if she knows why a certain friend seems to be snubbing/avoiding/ignoring me. slinkr gets all serious and gives me one of those "you ought to know" looks. She then explains to me that something I said or did (or that someone said I said or did, I don't remember the details) really angered/offended said friend. I was totally confused, either because I had no recollection of doing or saying what I was accused of or because I did not take what I said/did to mean the same thing my friend did. Either way, the problem seemed to stem from miscommunication, and I remember expressing to slinkr (and perhaps also pinkfish...again, details are fuzzy) some anger that someone felt they couldn't talk to me directly about issues they have with me.


Keya and Dan should be back from their honeymoon by now. I am dying to talk to Keya, but I want her to call me. I thought they were supposed to be back Tuesday or Wednesday, but maybe they don't get back until this weekend. Either way, I am eager to find out how their trip to French Polynesia went and to talk about the wedding weekend. I can't wait for my cell phone to ring so I can, after recognizing the caller ID, answer, "Mrs. Hutchison!"
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