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(Unofficial) Wedding Pictures

Keya sent me a link to her sister Soma's ofoto site, where Soma has posted pictures that she and her husband Basil took on their digital camera. There are pictures of the rehearsal dinner and of the wedding (as well as some pictures Sumona's friend Shitaal took of the wedding weekend). If you have an ofoto account, just log in to view the pictures; if you don't, you can sign up for free.

Tamara kisses her friend Jade on the cheek
Tamara kisses her friend Jade on the cheek.

Tamara, Diana, and Jesse
Tamara puts bunny ears on her sister Diana as Diana poses with long-time boyfriend Jesse.

Derek and JC enjoying the rehearsal dinner
This is me and JC at the rehearsal dinner. I don't know why my right eye always seems sleepy. Apparently, Jesse really wanted to be in this picture, too!

The garden where Dan and Keya were married.
This is where Dan and Keya were married. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day!

Keeping the groom relaxed
We kept Dan relaxed before the ceremony by playing a "friendly" game of hearts. Yes, I kicked butt!

Mr. Dr. Sau and Keya
Dr. Sau was literally glowing as he escorted Keya down the aisle!

The Kiss!
Hollywood has nothing on this kiss!

The wedding party poses
A group photo of the wedding party before Dan and Keya ran off to change into their Hindu outfits.

Carrying Keya
Four of us carried Keya around Dan in a ritual introduction.

Still carrying Keya
We had to complete seven revolutions around Dan before we could set her down, so you get to see another picture of this.

Dan and Keya at conclusion of Hindu ceremony
Dan and Keya are relieved that the ceremonies are over and they are finally married!

After the Hindu ceremony
Members of the wedding party gathered around Keya and Dan in front of the mandap after the Hindu ceremony

Derek and Sumona
Sumona and I get introduced at the reception. Hey, who's that in the background, clapping because she's so happy to see me?!

Father-Daughter Dance
Kadan and Keya have their father-daughter dance. And look, there's Tamara in the back, holding her baby cousin!

Keya and Dan cut the cake
Keya and Dan prepare to cut the cake.

Dr. and Dr. Sau dance
Let the party begin! Dr. and Dr. Sau dance to the intoxicating rhythms of Bollywood.

Jeff and Keya
"So, Keya, now that you're married, will you finally go on a date with me? I'm feeling a bit left out here!"

Keya and Dan are having fun!
Do you think Keya and Dan are having fun?

Keya and Soma
Keya and her sister Soma.

Dr. and Dr. Sau
Kadan and Purnima bask deservedly at the end of a storybook day.

One final dance
Dan and Keya find a quite moment at the end of the evening for one more dance.
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