Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I got a call from my sister on my way home from softball, telling me to call Panamá right away. Naturally, I expected the worst.

The situation basically hasn't changed. Sometimes she's worse; sometimes she's better. She could go in a matter of minutes; she could last weeks. I have to be prepared to fly at a moment's notice, but I have to go on with my life.

But this whole situation is making it difficult, simply from a financial perspective, to move on. I need to have funds set aside for a trip to Panamá. I also just successfully auditioned for the Summer Opera Workshop at NEC and have to find a way to pay for that. My credit card company refused to even consider a credit line increase, despite my excellent record with them. If I didn't have to keep a reserve for travel, this wouldn't be an issue. I'm getting a couple of thousand dollars in website payments in the next couple of weeks, but I need to pay my registration this week and have enough left to travel at a moment's notice. <sigh>
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