Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

How does one respond to this???

After our softball game, several teammates gathered at T Anthony's for pizza. I happened to be sitting next to N when the conversation at the table drifted to relationships. I then asked N whether she knew if her co-worker C was seeing anyone. She said that, as far as she knew, C was single.

And then she gave me a funny look. The look caught my attention, and I sat there wondering, "Uh-oh, did I go and open my big mouth inappropriately again? Does she have an interest in me? So I basically just shot her down?" So, I asked her about the look.

"Um," she said, "you mean you're not married with two kids?" This is not the first time I've heard that people think I'm married and have kids. Hell, no wonder I can't get any! <grin> So, I set her straight, and we joked about it for a few minutes. She told me that I had been the subject of conversation on several occasions at her office. "That's not necessarily a good thing," I joked. "No, no," she said, all of them (in an all female office) have been impressed with my recent weight loss. The talk has been all positive, she averred. So I'm thinking, Cool, this helps my chances with C.

And then N remarks, "Heck, if I knew you weren't married with two kids, I would've made my move long ago!" Oooookay.... How exactly does one respond to that? Not knowing what to say, and not wanting to say anything inappropriate, I hooked onto the "married with children" angle and ignored the "would've made my move" overture.

Later in the conversation she brought C up again and said, "I'm going to try to set you and C up, but knowing her she's just going to try to set me up with you." Enough, already! I'm a guy; I'm not equipped to handle this sort of thing! So I responded jokingly, "That's okay! I certainly don't mind playing that game!"

So, how does one handle such a situation? <sigh>
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